A. The name of this organization shall be the Ten County Mathematics Educators Association, and shall be abbreviated TCMEA.

B. The organization’s website domain shall be www.tencountymath.org

C. The organization’s official email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The purposes of this organization shall be:

A. to promote Mathematics Education

B. to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas in mathematics education among teachers and students

C. to familiarize the membership with innovative developments in mathematics education

D. to provide a medium for communication among teachers

E. to establish a liaison with other organizations with similar goals and interests

F. to hold an Annual Spring Conference, Business Meeting and other appropriate activities


A. Any individual who is, has been, or is in training to become a teacher of mathematics, or

any other person interested in mathematics education is eligible to become a member.

B. An individual shall become a member or renew membership for the year by returning the Ten

County Mathematics Educators Association Membership Form with the appropriate dues.

C. The amount of yearly dues will be proposed by the Board of Directors

D. The financial year for this organization shall run from September 1 to August 31


A. The Directors of this organization shall form a Board, whose members act as representatives of counties within the ten county region of New York State consisting of Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester.

B. The Board shall consist of a minimum of nine (9) members who represent at least four (4) different counties and at least three (3) of the four levels of mathematics education (elementary, middle/junior high, senior high, college). This Board shall meet at least once per year.

C. The term of office for the Directors shall be three years beginning at the first meeting following the Business Meeting. The Board shall establish a rotational system of election with at least 1/3 of the Directors re-elected annually.

D. The Board shall include the following officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Other Directors of the Board may include: NCTM Representative, AMTNYS Representative, and the following Coordinators: Awards, Exhibitors, Membership/Registration, Program, Publicity, Sites for Future Conferences, and Website Director. Positions of the Board shall be filled by the Directors following the Business Meeting.

E. A nominating committee appointed by the President shall select and present a slate to the general membership at the Business Meeting. Floor nominations, if seconded, will be added to the slate, and those members present at the Business Meeting will vote on the resulting slate.

F. In the event that a Director resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties for which appointed or elected, the President, with the approval of the Board, may make an interim appointment to the position held by that Director, for the remainder of that term. In the event that the President resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties for which appointed or elected, the Board shall elect an interim President.


There shall be one general meeting of the membership per year which will be held during the Annual Spring Conference. The Board may conduct other meetings as deemed necessary.


There shall be at least one Site Coordinator for the Annual Spring Conference who will attend Board meetings as non-voting members.


This constitution may be amended by at least a 2/3 vote of those members present at the Business Meeting.


The Board has the power to dissolve the TCMEA. All assets shall be transferred to the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State.


This constitution will be reviewed every five years.




A. The responsibilities of the President will be:

1. to organize and preside at all meetings

2. to appoint, work with, and coordinate the work of the NCTM Representative, AMTNYS Representative, and all Coordinators.

3. to appoint all necessary committees

4. to organize and conduct the Business Meeting at the Annual Spring Conference

5. to be a member of the nominating committee

6. to appoint an auditor for an annual audit of the organization’s financial records

B. The responsibilities of the Vice-President will be:

1. to assist the President with all duties

2. preside over the organization in the event the President is unavailable

C. The responsibilities of the Secretary will be:

1. to take minutes of each meeting and keep an up to date record of such

2. to perform all correspondence tasks deemed necessary by the President

3. to send minutes to all Directors

4. to keep a file of the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors

5. to pass the file of minutes on to the newly elected Secretary at the March meeting.

D. The responsibilities of the Treasurer will be:

1. to collect all fees and dues, deposit all funds in a bank and keep records thereof

2. to prepare a financial report to be read at each meeting of the Board of Directors

3. to prepare a financial report to be distributed at the Business Meeting

4. to present, at the final meeting of the current year a budget for the following fiscal year

5. to collaborate with the President in handling the finances involved at any function

6. to pay all bills

7. to work with the auditor

8. to prepare and maintain an ongoing annual chronological listing of final bank balances and other financial records

E. The responsibilities of the AMTNYS Representative will be:

1. to attend annual meetings of AMTNYS as our delegate and report back to the Board of Directors

2. to submit relevant AMTNYS information to the TCMEA Website Director

3. to submit initial information of the TCMEA Conference to the Registration Chair and Website Director for the Fall AMTNYS Conference

F. The responsibilities of the NCTM Representative will be:

1. to attend annual meetings of NCTM as our delegate and report back to the Board of Directors

2. to submit relevant NCTM information to the TCMEA Website Director

3. to prepare initial information of the TCMEA Conference and send it to the NCBM Affiliates Representative and Service Manager

G. The responsibilities of the Exhibitors Coordinator will be:

1. to contact exhibitors about attending the conference and maintain a current data base of attendees

2. to collect fee from exhibitors

3. to examine the area designated by the Site Coordinator for exhibitors and determine the number of tables needed

4. to draw and distribute a floor plan for exhibit area

5. to supervise the setting up of tables

6. to determine the audio/visual and electrical needs of the exhibitors and relay them to the Site Coordinator

7. to prepare and distribute folders for the exhibitors

8. to send thank you note to exhibitors

H. The responsibilities of the Membership/Registration Coordinator will be:

1. to keep an accurate and updated list of the members and their addresses

2. to determine the number of members at each level of mathematics education (elementary, middle/junior high, senior high, college, retired)

3. to propose ways of increasing membership

4. to keep a record of registration and money collected

5. to submit a list of members to NCTM for inclusion in their ‘Affiliate Leadership Circle’

6. to provide labels and folders to the Site Coordinator for pre-registrants and on-site registrants

I. The responsibilities of the Program Coordinator will be:

1. to find presenters representing all levels of mathematics education for the Annual Spring Conference

2. to keep the Site Coordinator informed as to the number of speakers and the level of their targeted audience

3. to determine the needs of the presenters and relay them to the Site Coordinator

4. to prepare and reproduce a flyer which includes the Conference registration form

5. to prepare the Final Program for inclusion in the attendees’ folders

J. The responsibilities of the Publicity Coordinator will be:

1. to provide appropriate publicity for the Annual Spring Conference. This should include, but is not limited to:

contacting all schools in the Ten County region

contacting local newspapers and television stations

contact local colleges, BOCES, and Teachers’ Centers

2. to arrange for photographs and/or video to be taken

3. to provide the Website Director with pictures following the Conference

K. The responsibilities of the Sites for Future Conference Coordinator will be:

1. to find sites to host future conferences

2. to provide prospective site coordinators with all the information needed to make a decision

L. The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee will be:

1. to prepare a slate of officers and directors to be presented to the Board of Directors at their winter meeting

2. to submit this slate to the Website Director for inclusion on the website

M. The responsibilities of the Website Director will be:

1. maintain an active domain (www.tencountymath.org) and make any necessary payments to the host

2. to edit content for the website

3. update files for the website

4. research and develop online payment system

N. The responsibilities of the Site Coordinator will be:

1. to prepare and reproduce the final program layout after consultation with the Program Coordinator

2. to provide 3 or 4 faculty members for the on-site registration desk and other tasks

3. to provide several students to act as guides and runners

4. to plan classroom usage for sessions

5. to arrange for continental breakfast and lunch

6. to supply all necessary technology and tech support

7. to supply help for setting up and cleaning up

8. to provide space for exhibitors and rent tables if necessary

9. to collect and store any materials sent to the site by NCTM, AMTNYS, or other exhibitors

10. to create folders for all registrants with all conference information provided

11. to provide signs and directions to all conference areas

12. to check with the district regarding insurance

13. to prepare a final report on the Annual Spring Conference for the next meeting of the Board of Directors



Any member of the TCMEA may propose changes to these By-Laws by sending a written copy of the proposed changes to the President. The President will bring these proposed changes to the attention of the Board of Directors. The By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors present at the following meeting.